A 5-Year Retrospective Assay of Implant Treatments and Complications in Private Practice: The Restorative Complications of Single and Short-Span Implant-Supported Fixed Prostheses

This report aims to describe the restorative outcome of 5,491 implant-supported single crowns, fixed partial dentures, and splinted restorations that were prescribed or had implants placed during the study period. Timing of the complications and the relationship between the complications and different factors (practitioner, patient, and restoration) are examined. Materials and Methods: Dental clinicians qualified in or before December 2004, registered in Victoria, and placing and/or restoring implants in private practice were invited to participate in the study. Data extraction was conducted by two trained and calibrated research assistants with specific training in implant terminology and previous research experience extracting data from dental records. Prostheses average time observed/in function was calculated using the difference between the definitive restoration date and the patient record examination date or the date of implant/restoration lost. Both descriptive statistics and generalized linear mixed modeling were used to describe the restorative complications. Results: Over the study period a total of 499 mechanical complications were recorded. Single-implant crowns had the largest sample size (n = 4,760) and a recorded complication rate of 2.56 per 100 prostheses per year

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