Does the Material Stiffness of Novel High-Performance Polymers for Fixed Partial Dentures Influence Their Biomechanical Behavior?

The many available framework materials cover a wide range of mechanical properties, from softer to more rigid, brittle to ductile, and vary in mechanical performance depending on these properties.1 A recently introduced high-performance polymer (Pekkton ivory, Cendres+Métaux) for use as alternative framework material has a Young’s modulus of approximately 5.1 GPa, considerably less stiff than titanium (typically 100 to 120 GPa, depending on the alloy), typical gold-based alloys (with a large range from < 90 GPa to > 130 GPa), or dental ceramics (60 to 450 GPa).2 Studies on fixed partial denture (FPD) framework materials3,4 seldom consider materials with such a low stiffness

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