Effect of a Single Application of TiF 4 Varnish versus Daily Use of a Low-Concentrated TiF 4 /NaF Solution on Tooth Erosion Prevention in vitro

This study investigated the isolated and combined effect of a single application of TiF 4 or NaF varnish versus daily use of a solution containing a low concentration of TiF 4 /NaF against tooth erosion in vitro. A total of 90 bovine enamel and 108 root dentin samples were treated as follows: control (no treatment), solution containing TiF 4 /NaF (500 ppm F – , pH 4.4), NaF varnish (24,500 ppm F – , pH 5.0), TiF 4 varnish (24,500 ppm F – , pH 1.0), TiF 4 varnish + solution, and NaF varnish + solution. The erosive challenges were performed 4 × 90s/day (0.1% citric acid, pH 2.5) and, between them, the samples were immersed in artificial saliva.

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