Extraoral Cementation Technique to Minimize Cement-Associated Peri-implant Marginal Bone Loss: Can a Thin Layer of Zinc Oxide Cement Provide Sufficient Retention?

Clinicians face two major challenges in the cementation of fixed restorations to implants: minimizing excess cement (cementation technique) and balancing retentive forces (choice of cement type). Different cement types have been used to lute fixed restorations on implant abutments, providing grades of retentive force in a range between 177 N (eugenol-free zinc oxide [ZnO] cement) and 813 N (polycarboxylate cement).1 Cements with high retention values minimize the risk of accidental decementation but are difficult to remove. Cements with low retention values (eg, ZnO cements) address this drawback but carry an elevated risk of accidental decementation.

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