In Vitro Cyclic Dislodging Test on Retentive Force of Two Types of Female Parts of SFI-Bar

I mplant overdentures have been proven to be superior to conventional dentures in restoring the edentulous mandible.1’2 Compared with various unsplinted attachments [eg, Locator attachments, ball attachments], bar-clip attachments can transmit vertical loads more effectively to supporting implants.3 Stress-Free Implant Bar [SFI-Bar, Cendres+Metaux] is a modular system that connects implants with no soldered or laser-welded joints, and this allows fabrication of a passive-fit bar and clip system on two or more implants. There are two designs for the female part of SFI-Bar, the E-clips [Elitor precious metal alloy] and the T-clips [all titanium grade IV with nylon inserts].

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