1. A randomized controlled trial evaluating antioxidant–essential oil gel as a treatment for gingivitis in orthodontic patients

  2. Accuracy and reliability of 3D stereophotogrammetry: A comparison to direct anthropometry and 2D photogrammetry

  3. Anchorage condition during canine retraction using transpalatal arch with continuous and segmented arch mechanics

  4. Are maximum bite forces of subjects 7 to 17 years of age related to malocclusion?

  5. Comparison between direct vs indirect anchorage in two miniscrewsupported distalizing devices

  6. Effectiveness of a novel topical powder on the treatment of traumatic oral ulcers in orthodontic patients:

  7. Effects of fixed labial orthodontic appliances on speech sound production

  8. Effects of stress relaxation in beta-titanium orthodontic loops

  9. Estimating the location of the center of resistance of canines

  10. Evaluation of dehiscence and fenestration in adolescent patients affected by unilateral cleft lip and palate:

  11. Influence of fixed orthodontic treatment on the menstrual cycle of adult females:

  12. Influence of second-order bracket-archwire misalignments on loads generated during third-order archwire rotation in orthodontic treatment

  13. Maxillary canine–first premolar bilateral transposition in a Class III patient:

  14. Mediation and moderation effect of the big five personality traits on the relationship between self-perceived malocclusion and psychosocial impact of dental esthetics

  15. Orthodontic bracket bonding without previous adhesive priming:

  16. Patient satisfaction after orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery:

  17. Rapid maxillary expansion in therapy-resistant enuretic children:

  18. Social smile reproducibility using 3-D stereophotogrammetry and reverse engineering technology

  19. T-loop force system with and without vertical step using finite element analysis

  20. The prognostic value of visually assessing enamel microcracks:

  21. Three-dimensional analysis of molar compensation in patients with facial asymmetry and mandibular prognathism

  22. Transfer accuracy of vinyl polysiloxane trays for indirect bonding

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