1. Assessment of vertical changes during maxillary expansion using quad helix or bonded rapid maxillary expander
  2. Association of genetic polymorphism and external apical root resorption
  3. Bond strength and interfacial morphology of orthodontic brackets bonded to eroded enamel treated with calcium silicate–sodium phosphate salts or resin infiltration
  4. Changes in salivary periodontal pathogens after orthodontic treatment:
  5. Changes in the oropharyngeal airway of Class II patients treated with the mandibular anterior repositioning appliance
  6. Children’s perceptions of smile esthetics and their influence on social judgment
  7. Computational fluid dynamics for the assessment of upper airway changes in skeletal Class III patients treated with mandibular setback surgery
  8. Dentoskeletal effects produced by removable palatal crib, bonded spurs, and chincup therapy in growing children with anterior open bite
  9. Do prenatal and postnatal hypothyroidism affect the craniofacial structure?:
  10. Dynamic smile evaluation in different skeletal patterns
  11. Effects of miniplate anchored and conventional Forsus Fatigue Resistant Devices in the treatment of Class II malocclusion
  12. Efficacy of different methods to reduce pain during debonding of orthodontic brackets
  13. Evaluation of mandibular volume classified by vertical skeletal dimensions with cone-beam computed tomography
  14. Evaluation of posttreatment stability after orthodontic treatment in the mixed and permanent dentitions
  15. Evaluation of staining and color changes of a resin infiltration system
  16. Facial soft-tissue changes after rapid maxillary expansion analyzed with 3-dimensional stereophotogrammetry: A randomized, controlled clinical trial
  17. Forces and moments delivered by novel, thinner PET-G aligners during labiopalatal bodily movement of a maxillary central incisor: An in vitro study
  18. Microleakage under ceramic flash-free orthodontic brackets after thermal cycling
  19. Orthodontic Root Resorption: A New Perspective
  20. Pain and discomfort following insertion of miniscrews and premolar extractions:
  21. Predictive factors of sagittal stability after treatment of Class II malocclusions
  22. Quantitative Light-induced Fluorescence-Digital as an oral hygiene evaluation tool to assess plaque accumulation and enamel demineralization in orthodontics
  23. Reproducibility and reliability of three-dimensional soft tissue landmark identification using three-dimensional stereophotogrammetry
  24. The use of SPHARM-PDM and mean latitude axis to evaluate airway changes
  25. Ameloblastic neoplasia spectrum: a cross-sectional study of MMPS expression and proliferative activity
  26. An elderly man with a gingival mass that spontaneously regressed
  27. Approaches of robot-assisted neck dissection for head and neck cancer: a review
  28. Coffee consumption associated with reduced risk of oral cancer: a meta-analysis

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