Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2016;149:303-4

Offense or defense?

I recently read a description of a research project that was an obvious disappointment to the people involved. It was a simple and well-motivated affair; the researchers wanted to relate excessive adhesive flash to white spot lesions (WSLs). In the end, the project produced negative findings: ie, the amount of flash was not related to WSLs. On the other hand, it is somewhat good to learn that excessive flash (which was well documented) was not related to WSLs. Although this type of result does not really provide much insight and is probably not publishable, a by-product of the project was that it nicely documented a disquieting finding— that 62% of the sample had at least 1 WSL involving the maxillary canines and incisors; more disturbing was that an average of 3.9 lesions were found per patient involving those 6 teeth. Now that is a problem.

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