Root coverage using porcine collagen matrix with fibroblast growth factor-2: a pilot study in dogs


J Clin Periodontol 2017; 44: 96–103 d


Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of fibroblast growth factor- 2 (FGF-2) in combination with porcine collagen matrix (CM) for coverage of gingival recession defects in dogs. Materials and Methods: In five male mongrel dogs, labial gingival recession defects were surgically created in the lower-third incisors bilaterally. The defects were randomly assigned to the CM/FGF-2 group (experimental) or the CM-only group (control). Standardized clinical photographs and silicone impressions were taken at 4 and 16 weeks of healing to calculate the remaining recession area. The dogs were euthanized after 16 weeks for histometric analysis. Results: At 4 weeks, the recession area of the CM/FGF-2 group was significantly smaller than that of the CM-only group (2.55 0.66 and 4.92 1.05 mm2, respectively, p = 0.023), However, no significant difference was observed at 16 weeks. Histometrically, the amount of newly formed cementum was larger in the CM/FGF-2 group than in the CM-only group at 16 weeks (1.55 0.44 and 0.88 0.51 mm, respectively, p = 0.024). Conclusions: The combination of CM/FGF-2 may enhance the early wound healing and may promote cementum formation to a higher extent compared to the use of CM alone.

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