1.  3D evaluation of mandibular skeletal changes in juvenile arthritis patients treated with a distraction splint:

  2. A randomized clinical trial comparing mandibular incisor proclination produced by fixed labial appliances and clear aligners

  3. Another way of looking at treatment stability

  4. Bone thickness of the anterior palate for orthodontic miniscrews

  5. Comparison of anterior and posterior mini-implant-assisted maxillary incisor intrusion:

  6. Dentoskeletal effects produced by a Jasper Jumper with an anterior bite plane

  7. Dimensional accuracy of ceramic self-ligating brackets and estimates of theoretical torsional play

  8. Do prenatal and postnatal hypothyroidism affect the craniofacial structure?:

  9. Early risk factors for posterior crossbite and anterior open bite in the primary dentition

  10. Effects of nanostructured, diamondlike, carbon coating and nitrocarburizing on the frictional properties and biocompatibility of orthodontic stainless

  11. Effects of palatal crib and bonded spurs in early treatment of anterior open bite:

  12. Force decay and dimensional changes of thermoplastic and novel thermoset elastomeric ligatures

  13. Impact of orthodontic treatment on self-esteem and quality of life of adult patients requiring oral rehabilitation

  14. In vitro biocompatibility of nickel-titanium esthetic orthodontic archwires

  15. Interaction between deglutition, tongue posture, and malocclusion:

  16. Looking for the Future

  17. Nickel titanium T-loop wire dimensions for en masse retraction

  18. Nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion results in acceptable stability in young adults

  19. Rapid maxillary expansion versus middle ear tube placement:

  20. Relationship between dental crowding and mandibular incisor proclination during orthodontic treatment without extraction of permanent mandibular teeth

  21. Short- and long-term evaluation of mandibular dental arch dimensional changes in patients treated with a lip bumper during mixed dentition followed by fixed appliances

  22. The combined use of corticotomy and clear aligners:

  23. The effect of mechanical vibration on orthodontically induced root resorption

  24. The treatment timing of labial inversely impacted maxillary central incisors:

  25. Variation in form of mandibular, light, round, preformed NiTi archwires

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