The Effect of Occlusal Splint Pretreatment on Mandibular Movements and Vertical Dimension of Occlusion in Long-Term Complete Denture Wearers

L ong-term complete denture wearers often present with loss of vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), prosthesis instability, and changes in the orientation of the occlusal plane1 associated with wear of prosthetic teeth and residual ridge reduction in both edentulous jaws,1,2 changes that are also reported to adversely affect temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscle functional integrity.2 *”6 Consequently, consideration should be given to pretreatment interventions1’6 to improve mandibular movements (MM) and VDO. Occlusal splints are recommended to optimize harmonious occlusal plane levels and masticatory muscle function, while relines are prescribed to readapt dentures’ intaglio to their supporting tissues. Both interventions contribute to reestablishment of compromised MM.1’7

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